Expiry of a Balloon Ride

Prepare for Takeoff

Once a suitable starting point is found, the first thing is to pull the basket out of the trailer. Of course we ask the farmer if he approves a start on his land. Then the basket is completed and equipped with all instruments. These are variometer, GPS, transponder and, of course, a radio that ensures the connection to the ground staff.



In a second step, the basket is tipped over and the steel cables are connected to the the basket/ Burner. Then the whole fabric is pulled out of the bag. It is important that the balloon is set in wind direction!





Two people are instructed how to hold the balloon's opening during the filling process.



Fill Cold Air

Afterwards, cold air is blown into the envelope with a fan (9-12PS) until it has been filled to 2/3 with cold air. Another person holds the top rope at the end of the balloon and holds the balloon straight, so that it does not move laterally back and forth.


Heat Up

The pilot begins to heat the air in the envelope with the burner. If the temperature has enough heat, the balloon slowly straightens.




Once the balloon is ready to go, passengers can get into the basket. The pilot still makes the final preparations and controls: The function of the valve lines is also important. Depending on the load, the temperature of the burner is raised to 60 to 110 degrees Celsius. Thereafter, the balloon begins to detach from the earth. The fantastic air journey can begin! –Soft landing/(Guet Land in Swiss-German)! - Balloon greeting.




The pilot lands the balloon, if possible directly on a road on a mowed lawn. Together, the balloon is repackaged and stowed on the trailer. Guests are invited to help during this happenings. Afterwards, the balloon team serves a small drink: champagne and other drinks.

The most important thing for the success of a balloon ride is the weather. We can not do the weather, but we can choose the day.