History of balloon flight

For centuries it has been a dream of mankind to float freely like a bird through the air. In 1783 the "Montgolfier brothers" in France succeeded in launching a hot-air balloon. The balloon was the first aircraft in the history of mankind. The principle of the hot-air balloon, which uses the heating of air to create carrying capacity, has remained the same since then. Just one month later, Professor Charles invented the hydrogen-filled gas balloon. For a long time, it was the only air vehicle with which people on Earth could float away. No suitable, incombustible and light material had yet been found for the envelope of the hot-air balloon. But this changed abruptly in the 70s when nylon and polyester were invented: Today, the balloon is an absolute "high-tech device" made of expensive materials, which, in combination with the good training of the pilot, guarantee a safe flight. Today, the gas balloon is used less often due to the much greater effort involved. The Montgolfiere (hot air balloon), on the other hand, has conquered the skies today. Would you like to experience an unusual adventure and at the same time enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation? Then try the Montgolfier brothers. Experience the tranquillity and incomparable fascination of free floating with a balloon ride, a journey in a wicker basket; the cradle of the air.