Night rides/ flights

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Travel time in balloon
1.5 - 2 h
Number of passengers
2 - 6 PAX
Time required
0.5 day/ night
4 seasons
aera/ Zone 1/2/3- mainly Zone 1

Discount prices / Pers.

Anz.Zone 1
CHF 430.00
Format: 9.99

Below us the sea of lights, above us the full moon; landscape and mountains shine in the moonlight. We carry out such night trips during the full moon phase plus/ minus 3 nights. For this the pilot must have a night flight permit and the balloon must be specially equipped. Therefore, we start our joint preparations shortly after midnight, if you plan to land at dawn. The full moon flight is an indescribable spectacle between night and dawn, and in winter, when the landscape is covered with snow, we sometimes take off in the evening and land in the middle of the night.

We undertake night flights with a hot-air balloon mainly in the winter months and a few days around the full moon.

There should be snow, which improves the brightness and visibility considerably. The burner makes the snow shine very brightly. An overwhelming experience! Night farthings in summer are rather a rarity. In summer we start a few days after the full moon, about 1-2 hours before sunrise but still in absolute darkness and land again after sunrise. The main attraction is to experience the awakening of the day and the animal world.

All in all we fly 1.5- 2h like in a standard balloon flight.

In the basket there is room for between 2 and a maximum of 6 passengers.