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Meyer Major Trophy an den Ballontagen Toggenburg 2023

Written by stefan on Saturday, 16. September 2023

Die Meyer Mayor Trophy wird zum 11. Mal ausgetragen, der silberne Ballon ist eine Wandertrophäe.

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Sonnenaufgangs Fahrt 12. September 2023

Written by stefan on Thursday, 14. September 2023

Wir treffen uns am Morgen um 6:00 Uhr in Arnegg. Schon bald geht es mit unserem kleinen Bus weiter nach Bütschwil, wo wir gemeinsam den Ballon aufrüsten. Wir starten bei perfektem Wetter und angenehmen 18 °C. unsere Fahrt führt über den Kant. St. Gallen bis hinein in den Thurgau.

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Sonnenaufgang über dem Appenzellerland

Written by stefan on Tuesday, 22. August 2023

Wunderschöne Ballonfahrt zum Sonnenaufgang über Appenzell

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Was für schöne Ballontage!

Written by stefan on Sunday, 20. August 2023

Endlich stellt sich diesen Sommer mal richtig beständig schönes Wetter ein. 
oh wir sind täglich am Morgen und Abend mit mindestens zwei Ballonen unterwegs und können wunderschöne Ballonfahrten unternehmen! Auch die Zeiten sind wesentlich angenehmer da die Tageslänge schon über 2 Stunden zurück gega

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6. Horber- Cup 2023

Written by admin on Thursday, 10. August 2023

Vom 8. bis zum 13. August 2023 findet in Horb am Neckar der 6. Horber- Cup statt. Am Start sind 29 Teams als sieben Nationen.

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Currently many sunspots!

Written by stefan on Tuesday, 11. July 2023

This morning we could observe the sunspots extremely well during the sunrise drive, thanks to ideal conditions.

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Stable and longer lasting balloon weather

Written by stefan on Thursday, 8. June 2023

In 2023, the first three months were decidedly sunny. Very many alpine trips were possible. But then followed a really unsettled low-pressure phase. But at the end of May it was finished. Since then, we are on the southern edge of a strong high-pressure area in quite sunny weather.

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2. Crossing the Alps in gas balloon 2023

Written by stefan on Sunday, 14. May 2023

On May 3, we have long planned a gas balloon day trip. But the weather wants it differently. Increasing bise and tenacious high fog move me to cancel this trip. At altitude, a north wind blows, which makes it possible to cross the Alps.

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Apple trees in blossom in cider india

Written by stefan on Monday, 8. May 2023

From the alpine season without gaps to the splendor of flowers...

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Longitudinal tour of the Alps to Italy

Written by stefan on Wednesday, 5. April 2023

On April 4, we take off at 6:15 in the morning from Burgkirchen (DE) on the border to Austria. We quickly gain altitude and set course southwest. After 9 hours and 20 minutes we land in Italy near Biella. An incredibly beautiful journey thus comes to an end.

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Alpine Crossing 28 March 2023

Written by stefan on Tuesday, 28. March 2023

The Upper Engadine seen from the north

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Interview tele TOP- Top3

Written by stefan on Saturday, 25. February 2023

On Friday 3 February I am invited to Tele TOP for an interview. Stefano Bollmann asks exciting questions :-)

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