Balloon miscellaneous

German Free Balloon Sport AssociationGerman Free Balloon Sport Association
Ultramagic BalloonsMost innovative and market leading company in Europe
Balloon PicturesBeautiful balloon pictures
Ballooning in SpainMallorca/ Ibiza Catalonia/ Barcelona Andalusia Valencia Madrid
Swiss Balloon Association - SBAVMember of the Swiss Aeroclub
Balloon Sport Group StuttgartGerman Balloon Sport Group
Schroeder FireballoonsBalloon manufacturer from Germany
Kubicek balloonsBalloon manufacturer from Czech Republic

Weather models and platforms

Meteo BlueModel/ very good platform for local forecasts and history
Forecast SMAWeather forecast text SMA 5days
MeteocentraleSwiss Meteo Headquarters
WeatherOnline Europe MapsDiverse Weather Maps- Good platform for comparison v. models
Weather CentralTop weather maps different models
SRF Weather Forecast MeteoSwiss forecasts SRF
Sun historyBreak sun position
10 days cloud forecast every 6h noaa. Weather forecast maps- every 6h on the next 10days Noaa
Central EuropeView clouds forecast of Central Europe Graphical
Weather.comView clouds forecast graphical
windyInnovative and best platform for comparison v. models

Drive preparation

Skybriefing FLIGHTPLANSkybriefing Skyguide Flight Plan Task
Skybriefing DABSSkybriefing- Skyguide DABS
Shooting ranges MILSwisstopo
AuLaV (Outdoor Loading Ordinance) Legislation for outlandings (non-motorized)
Nature reserves mapMap where nature reserves etc. are shown
SkyGuide/ Specialty FlightsThis is where special flights etc. are registered
Coordinates converterPoint is displayed on Googlemap

Satellite imagery/radar

Current saddle center images Links WorldSaddle saddle pictures from all over the world/ Links collection
Saddle sitten picture: SAT24All over Europe, snow depths are recorded
Best Radar MeteocentralBest Radar Meteocentral
Landi Radarthis service was provided by
Albis/ETHArea NE Switzerland around Albis
MeteoX.comSwitzerland - France - Germany - England
Radar AustriaRadar image Austria
WeatherOnline GermanyGermany- but also genze world
World Radarlinks to radar sites around the world

Current wind

CH wind current SMASwitzerland as graphic
CH wind current MeteomediaActual measuring stations - Switzerland
DE-Wind current MeteomediaCurrent readings-Germany
Weather Balloons CurrentUniversity of Wyoming- Probe ascents on the g. World

Weather- Divers

Pressure differencesSwitzerland West- East
Pressure differencesSwitzerland north-south (graphic)
German weather service Flugwetter.defortunately only possible with login
German Weather ServiceStartpage German Weather Service


Netcam/ Ballonteam Zeberli GossauWebcam from Balloon Team Zeberli Gossau/ overview n.SW
SwitzerlandWEBCAMS overview on map/geographical search
FranceWEBCAMS overview on map/ geographic search
ItalyWEBCAMS overview on map/ geographic search
AustriaWEBCAMS overview on map/ geographic search
360° Webcams RoundshotThe best webcams with 360° and some night images
Webcams with time grid v. Windyfind various webcams geographically on the map

Miscellaneous link exchange

Swiss portalMiscellaneous website search engines
Swiss websites directorySwiss websites directory