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Alpine Crossing Bernese and Valais Alps

Submitted by stefan on Monday, 6. February 2023 Jetzt buchen

Second crossing of the Alps in February

Lea and I start on Sunday 5 February at 8:40 am at the airfield Bern Belp. Even though we expected widespread high fog it is almost cloudless in the greater Bern area. Only towards the Alps some clouds are still hanging in the congestion. Initially we climb up to 3000 m but soon we reach the area where we can climb even higher. Today we reach the expected speed and ride at just under 50 KMH. The temperature is very pleasant today; after all the cold front is coming in the afternoon. Our ride goes as planned past the western part of the Bernese Alps towards Valais. We enjoy the view of Mont Blanc and especially the beautiful Matterhorn and the gorgeous Valais Alps. Lea and I are close again. It is the first crossing of the Alps for me this winter where we cross the Alps to the west. Some clouds pile up especially on the Bernese Alps; that gives fantastic moods and cloud pictures.

Finally, after 3 hours 20 minutes, we land in the Po Valley in a rice field. Lea and I land not 100 meters from each other.

Our followers arrive soon so that we are this time already at 16:00 o'clock in the hotel.

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