Crossing the Alps in a hot-air balloon

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Travel time in balloon
3 - 5h
Number of passengers
2 - 5 PAX
Time required
1- 2 days (travel back included)
November – March (April)
good health and physical condition
Mittelland Prealps Landing: Southern side of the Alps mostly Italy (Po Valley)

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CHF 1’700.00
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With this we cross the high alps into the bordering countries. Preparation and execution of such a special trip are extremely complex. Since only very specific meteorological conditions make a crossing of the Alps possible, only a few high alpine traverses take place every year. Passengers and pilots must be particularly well prepared in advance. Equipped with oxygen, extensive navigational aids and other equipment, we climb by balloon up to 6000 m.a.s.l. The return journey to Switzerland ideally takes place the next day.

Crossing the Alps in a balloon - a truly unique experience! Ride only driven by the wind from Switzerland non-stop to Italy! This rare opportunity will be one of the stories you can proudly tell your grandchildren or friends. During the ride over the Alps you can enjoy more than 200 kilometres of distant views! From the Dolomites to the French Alps, mountains as far as the eye can see; you might think that the earth consists only of mountains Just don't forget your camera when the highest mountains of the Alps are at your feet! Once you arrive in Italy, you will be given a warm welcome with red wine and grappa.

Information and participation requirements for the experience:

Required physical constitution and age:

You should be in good physical condition. Please inform us about any heart or circulation problems before the trip. In case of doubt, it is best to ask your family doctor. There are almost no limits to your age, as long as the first mentioned conditions are met.


When crossing the Alps, everything should fit: the experience is only possible with the right wind conditions and only in winter. It can happen that such situations occur twice in one week and then do not occur for a longer period of time. If the weather conditions are suitable, you will be informed by the organiser in good time and kept up to date on the development of the "travel planning". Usually we contact the guests 2-4 days before the planned trip.

Duration of the experience:

In total you will be on the road for 1-2 days. The pure travel time in a balloon is 3 to 6 hours. Guests are free to choose whether they wish to stay overnight in Italy (at their own expense) or return the same day.


This experience is only possible in constant wind conditions (25 - 50 knots from the north), and the wind on board is relatively low, as the balloon itself moves at wind speed. At altitude the air should be very dry, which greatly increases the visibility. The landing area must be free of fog.

For this reason such trips should also be BOOKED ON FIXED DATA!

Performance and costs:

You will be instructed in all aspects of ballooning and the special conditions in the Alps: Here you will move at high altitudes at low temperatures. An oxygen device is on board in case you ascend to more extreme altitudes. Included are food and drink during the ride in the car. Of course you will be brought back to the starting point by car from Italy! A possible stopover after the trip, dinner and overnight stay with breakfast in an inn are at the expense of the participants.
A maximum of 2 - 3 passengers can travel on each trip.

For trips in the Alps and crossings, the weather conditions must be observed very carefully. A trip to the Alps requires much more preparation than a normal balloon flight, which is why it is very important that the weather and wind conditions are ideal.

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Balloon team Stefan Zeberli