Gas balloon day ride/ flight

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Travel time in balloon
ca. 3-7h
Number of passengers
4-5 PAX
Time required
With start preparations and return transport approx. 1 day should be planned.
April- November
Take off in Switzerland and Germany

Discount prices / Pers.

CHF 860.00
Format: 9.99

In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers made an age-old dream of mankind come true. Surrounded by a cheering crowd, they let paper balls filled with hot air rise into the sky.

Riding high up and weightlessly through the air - this is an experience that has lost nothing of its fascination even a good 200 years later. Especially today, when the desire for freedom is growing more and more, the natural experience of gas ballooning is finding more and more friends.

Also for the pilot the dream of floating, playing with the wind and the attraction of the indeterminable is always a new adventure.

We look forward to welcoming you on board with us soon. And where it takes us, only the wind knows......

Interesting facts for our passengers on day trips


Sportswear, appropriate to the season. Good footwear. ( Hiking boots ) Please bring your identification, as a gas balloon flight often ends in a neighbouring country.


Passengers are responsible for their own meals during the flight! Please take only the most necessary food, drinks (only pet bottles) and luggage with you. All unnecessary weight costs ballast / sand à travel time.

Meeting point:

We usually meet in Andwil, from where we drive together with our minibus to the starting point in Zurzach. Sometimes we also meet on the way to Bad Zurzach or at the starting point, where there are also parking facilities.

Starting point:

Since we are dependent on the supply of hydrogen as filling gas, our starting point is in Bad Zurzach, Augsburg or other places, where we are able to inflate or balloon

Return journey:

Usually we return to the starting point on the same day.

Starting time:

We prefer Saturday. After arrangement we also drive on Sundays and holidays. Or on holidays. Depending on the weather and the position of the sun; between 6.00 and 09.00 o'clock.


In our balloon up to 5 passengers can travel. So you can also bring your friends and relatives. (Price on request) Please note this on the registration form.


To enable us to plan our trips, please fill in the registration form and send it to us.