Procedure of a hot air balloon flight

Meeting place

We meet at the agreed meeting point depending on the planned travel region. You could leave your vehicle there. We will bring you back here after the journey. Together we drive in one of our vehicles to the respective individual starting point. The trailer with the packed balloon in tow. 

Launch preparations

Once a suitable starting point has been found, the first step is to pull the basket out of the trailer. Of course we ask the farmer if he approves a start on his land. Then the basket is completely assembled and equipped with all the instruments. These are variometer, GPS, transponder and of course a radio, which ensures the connection to the ground staff.

In a second step, the basket is tipped over and the cover ropes (steel ropes) are connected to the wire ropes of the basket by means of karabiners. After that, all the fabric is pulled out of the bag. It is important that the balloon lies in the wind direction!

Two persons are instructed how to hold the opening of the balloon during the filling process.

Then a fan (9HP) blows cold air into the envelope until it is filled 2/3 with cold air. Another person holds the topline at the end of the envelope and keeps the balloon straight so that it does not move sideways.

The pilot begins to heat the air in the envelope over the burner with propane gas from the cylinders mounted in the basket. As soon as the air in the envelope is warm enough, the balloon slowly straightens up.


As soon as the balloon is ready for take-off, the passengers can enter the basket. The pilot still makes the last preparations and controls: Also important is the function of the valve lines. The burner is used to heat the temperature up to 60 to 110 degrees Celsius, depending on the payload. Afterwards the balloon starts to detach itself from the earth. The fantastic air journey can begin! -GUET LAND/ SOFT LANDING!- Balloonist greetings.


The pilot lands the balloon, if possible directly on a path in a mowed meadow. Together, the balloon is repacked and stowed on the trailer.

The most important thing for a successful balloon flight is the weather. We cannot do the weather, but we can choose it!


After the work is done, we offer the well-deserved aperitif that is part of every ride and toast to the experience.