Raffle / Winners

Guests have the opportunity after a trip to put some pictures or short reports online. The idea is to share the experience with other guests who went along, but also with people who could not go. If you have any problems, please contact us: (contact). Each entry automatically participates in a raffle. To win, there is a semi-annual hot air balloon standard ride. The voucher can be passed on or redeemed yourself.

The winners will be drawn directly by the balloon team and informed immediately. Each passenger has the opportunity to enter once.

Previous winners:

June 2023: Angel Daniela

December 2022: Hermann Spring

June 2022: Markus Jost

December 2021: Mario Facchetti

June 2021: Helena Zehnder

December 2020: Regula Gujer

June 2020: Michael Vogt

December 2019: Hugentobler Remo

June 2019: Tobler Rolf

December 2018: Berger Tim

June 2018: Karin Lehnherr

December 2017: Duo Gianpiero

June 2017: Schicho Micheline

December 2016: Simon Züger

June 2016: Jana Bolt

December 2015: Ursula Schranz

June 2015: Karlen Raban

December 2014: Daniel Gubler

June 2014: Silke Liebing

December 2013: Hermann Bösch

June 2013: Rutz Johannes

December 2012: Tanja Holl

June 2012: Strässle Rolf

December 2011: Erika Koller

June 2010: Max Egger

December 2010: Bernd