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Stable and longer lasting balloon weather

Submitted by stefan on Thursday, 8. June 2023

For many, the long-lasting us bad weather in Central Europe was hair-raising. But on every eaves follows again sunshine 😊. So also in this year. Punctually on the Whitsun weekend then slowly better and sunnier weather sets in again. Now we could undertake in recent days but very many and partly wonderful balloon flights. You can find a lot of nice pictures in the gallery. Partly, the sky was a bit hazy due to the accumulated humidity (Biese) in the morning - but exactly because of that, the sunrises were often magnificent! The more humid the air the redder the sun rises or sets. Some trips we had to cancel because of too fast Biese. - But just safety first. Now we are curious how the weather will continue to show. The summer begins officially on 21.6. The Biese has advantages as well as disadvantages. Positive is certainly that the temperature is in the pleasant range. From 25°C it is not so pleasant for balloon flights in the evening. Unfortunately, the Biese leads to the fact that the soils dry out very quickly; rain would be very welcome for agriculture already again!

Christmas gifts

Submitted by stefan on Sunday, 4. December 2022

You are still looking for a suitable Christmas gift?

We have just the thing for you!

For many, a hot air balloon ride is high on the "bucket list", it's time to tackle it! We balloon all year round, but rides over the snowy peaks of the Alps are only possible in winter.

Order a voucher for a "Alpenfahrt" or "Standardfahrt" via our homepage from today until 24.12.2022 and benefit from a Christmas discount of 10.- per passenger in addition to our given discount levels!

The vouchers are valid for at least 2 years, so you still have enough time to weigh the benefits of the seasons and to sign up for the balloon ride according to your wishes in an uncomplicated way.

Standard hot air balloon ride